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.::. No More Excuses: 15 Fun Places To Meet Someone New to Date .::.

No More Excuses:

15 Fun Places To Meet Someone New to Date

Struggling to meet new people?

Here's a list of 15 things you could do starting today to begin the path to finding someone new:

    1. Volunteer at a local hospital or soup kitchen

    2. Sip on Lattes at Starbucks

    3. Wander the aisles at Barnes & Noble

    4. Join a club or organization

    5. Take up a hobby you've always wanted to try (i.e., pottery, bowling, photography)

    6. Sign up for an adult education class or one-day workshop

    7. Roam the shopping mall

    8. Visit your local laundromat

    9. Browse the aisles of your local health food store or grocery store

    10. Take in the art at a museum

    11. Roam around the zoo

    12. Enjoy an outdoor concert

    13. Join an online chat room

    14. Keep fit at a health club or sporting facility

    15. Attend a conference, convention, or lecture on a cultural topic


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