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.::. 6 Sure Tips To Score A Sweetie .::.

6 Sure Tips To Score A Sweetie

You have all those couples around you, and you're depressed because you haven't found a honey of your own. Try these six simple tips to improve your chances of finding the beau of your dreams:

1. Similar interests
Improve your chances of meeting a match by associating with people who share your interests. Enroll in a cooking class; go on a group hike or bike; join a book club. Then make it a point to talk to as many single women as possible.

2. A little help from your friends
Enlist some support to expand your dating pool. Tell your friends about your dream date and ask them if they know anyone. You can take it from there and make contact on your own, or maybe your friend will invite the two of you to coffee. If your friends see any hot profiles on, tell them to forward them to you so you can

3. I dare you
Do you find yourself with steamy dreams about someone in your group of friends? If you're feeling particularly daring, why not test the waters? After all, you already know you have fun together and have similar interests. If there's a little sparky fuego happening, pursue it. Ask her out; make it date-like and see how it feels. If the vibe is good, explore further. If not, slide back into friendship mode.

4. Show your stuff
If you're a creative person ? singer, songwriter, poet or comedian ? participate in an open mic night at a local coffeehouse or bar. You'll could meet some talented gals ? women who like other talented folk like you. And don't worry about bombing; you'll get points for giving it a shot and might even meet a lady who's interested in helping you soothe your bruised ego.

5. It pays to advertise
You can improve your chances of meeting a sweetie by posting your
free profile. Profiles with photos get up to EIGHT TIMES more attention than those without. But if you really want to strut your stuff, buy a local billboard ad. Key elements are a good headline, photo and contact information. It's not cheap, but it's a sure way to get the exposure you want.

6. Let's get physical
If you feel sexy and sweet, you're more likely to attract someone similar. Go to a spa and get a day's worth of pampering or head to the gym and work with a trainer to improve your shape. You even could meet Ms. Right while you're concentrating on your own well-being! Emotional health is just as important; if issues are preventing you from finding romance, consider seeing a therapist to get into good mental shape for a relationship. Seriously.

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