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.::. 5 Reasons Online Dating Works .::.

5 Reasons Online Dating Works

One thing every good car salesman will tell you is that nobody ever drives onto a car lot unless they have some interest in buying a car, even if they claim they're just browsing or dreaming.

I bring this up because here you are cruising around the parking lot of, wondering if there might just be something here for you, right?

So, admit it: You're intrigued.

But you're also shy, right? Unsure that you're the online dating type? Afraid there's only, well, lemons out there?

Listen up: Internet dating is a thriving phenomenon, revving up the lives of singles every day by putting them in the driver's seat of their own love lives. It's safe, it's fun, it's for everyone and it works.

Need more incentive? Here are five reasons to create a
free profile:

1. You hold the cards
Online personals allow you to introduce yourself to interested singles within the complete privacy of your own personal computer environment.

2. You write the lines
In your profile, you share only what you feel comfortable sharing. No dumb questions to answer, no embarrassing questionnaires to fill out, no three line maximum. Show your true colors, and you're bound to touch a sympathetic heart.

3. You call the shots
It's up to you to post only the pictures that you feel good about. No bad hair days, no poppy seeds in your teeth. A natural photo of you enjoying your favorite activity or laughing at a great joke will let a little of your true spirit shine through.

4. You set the pace
You decide when and if you want to respond to the messages you get in your inbox (and you will get messages in your inbox). Nobody can rush you or call at a bad time.

5. You join the party
Internet dating is for everyone, young and old, rich and poor, big and small, gay and straight. The trend is hot and the stigma is passé. All are invited to this block party.

See? There's really nothing to be shy about. Do a
search of your own to see how Internet dating is shifting the love lives of people just like you into high gear every day! Then, go ahead and create your free profile
, and get ready to start your engine!


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